Safety measure

Zero accident for ten years, since the opening of the school.

Safety First: The most important thing is safety, especially when you are dealing with the kids. I will continue to emphasize the safety to the students.
As a mother, I take good care of my two daughters and I never used insurance, ambulance, fire truck, or clinic so far.

It is very important for the parents to share regarding their kids health information like allergies and etc.

Every time the parents drop off their kids they must let us know their kids condition, like physical condition, allergies, medications, etc.,
Pick up time : Teachers will tell in detailed information especially regarding health like fever, tummy ache and etc. We reassure you that there is no reason to make mistake.

Emergency drill

Disaster drills done in all classes!
In a practical way, we practice not only in the school but also in public spaces such as parks and stations. We must be prepared for emergencies.
For example
・Emergency drills assuming fire
・Life jacket attachment assuming a water accident, float training
・Earthquake drills
・Information transmission training

How to keep the student’s safety, especially outside time.

We had an unpleasant experienced that mobile phones did not work at the East Japan Earthquake that occurred seven years ago. We learned from experienced, we always carry a walkie – talkie in addition to a mobile phone when we go outside. Especially, when other group of children go to a different place, we keep in close contact.

What is Educational Triage?

In medical use, it a degree of urgency to wounds or illness to decide the order of treatment of a large number of patients or casualties.
If we replace this in education, teachers knows the student’s weak point. For example, twins can’t have the same homework, if their English level is not the same.
There are kids who eat more than an hour, what we do is they will come back in school soon than the kids who can eat fast. If the kid is not feeling well, we will always let the parents know soon and keep them comfortable while waiting for their parents.



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