We offer classes according to child’s age and English level.We offer classes according to child’s age and their English levels.

English is the language of business and many people already use English at work all over the world.

In order to make kids learn English easier and fun, we offers different classes according to their age and English levels, by spending time with foreign teachers and friends, kids could speak, read and write English easier. We do have preschool class, after kindergarten class, kids English class and after elementary class .

We offer four different classes to suit your children's needs!
Preschool class, afternoon class, after kinder class and after school class.

Class Time Table:

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Name of the class Target age Purpose Days Time
Preschool Class 1 year old and 5 months up to 6 years old. Preschool class creates opportunities for early learning to foster natural curiosity. Monday - Friday 5 hours 20 minutes, 10 hours 20 minutes
* 9: 00 ~ 14: 20
* Time is flexible
After Elementary Class elementary school students Before entering the elementary school which is compulsory, we provide them quality education. You can choose any days: from Monday– Friday on a monthly basis. ~ 20: 00 - extra charges, depends on which course choose.
After Kinder Class 2 years old ~ before elementary school By staying for a long time, they will be able to improve their English levels compared regular class. You can choose any days: from Monday– Friday on a monthly basis. ~ Extra charges for extended time. For more details please contact us.
Kids English Class 2 years old ~ Improve their English skills in line with their age and English levels based on the standard curriculum. You can chose which days are best for you from Monday – Friday. 14:30~



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