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2016 Outside time , Picnic List for prescholl class

Tire park, Mokkie, Tama river side Park, Seseragi park, Shimomaruko park, Tama river bank Todoroki ryokuchi park, Tunashima park and swimming pool, Horai park Yumemigasaki zoo, Toshiba science museum, Higashichofu park and swimming pool Yoneyama pet shop, Tokusho park, Pudding park, Octpas park, Tama river side hike Haginaka park, Tamagawadai park, Komukaidaiichi Park, Ikegamiikoi park Rinshinomori park, Tokumochi park, Minamigawara park, Mituike park Heiwa park, Dinosaur park, Noge park, Miyuki Park, Nakakamata Park Oomori beach, Seseragi park community house, Picking potato in Kugahara Todoroki ryokuchi park, Ebarachuou park, Hiratsuka park, Denenchofuminami park Yotsuya fire musium, Samezuundo park, Oby Yokohama, Nishikamata park, Futakotamagawa park
*Mokkie is an indoor playground. We frequently, go to Seseragi park, Tamagawadai park and Tamagawa river side for outside play time.

Preschool class

Daily Schedule

08:00~09:00 Extended course arrival time & free play
09:00~09:20 Basic course arrival & study time
09:20~09:30 Free play time
09:30~10:30 Circle time, today’s activities
10:30~12:00 Preparation for going outside & outside play time
12:00~12:55 Preparation for lunch & lunch time
13:20~13:55 Separate individual class time
14:00~14:20 Basic course pick up time
14:30~16:00 Extended course & afternoon lesson
16:00~18:00 Snack time & free activity time
18:00~18:20 Extended course pick up time
>> Class & fee This is our basic daily schedule. We frequently travel to distant parks. By means of our school vehicle or train. Every month we have a picnic day! We spend a lot of time outdoors with weather permitting.

Afternoon class

time table

Tue 14:30~16:00, 16:30~18:00
Wed 14:30~16:00, 16:30~17:30
Thu 14:30~15:30, 16:00~17:30
Fri 14:30~16:00, 16:30~17:30, 17:45~18:45
Age, it is a different class ability. Please contact us for more details.  


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